Are tires typically noisier in colder weather?

Hi, I am tryin to gauge my tire wear. Are tires noisier in colder weather and quieter in hotter weather? If so, does it have to do with the rubber friction on the pavement tempurature? I know it’s kind of a strange question but I’m just curious. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

In very cold weather and just starting out your tires cold can be somewhat noisier, since they don’t flex very well initially. However that noise should disappear as the tires warm up.

Not in my experience. However, in cold weather I have my windows and roof closed and they SEEM noisier.

I’ve never noticed this.

Are you noticing unusual wear?

Cold, hard rubber = more noise? Maybe.

I think between the rubber being harder (until warm from driving anyway) and the car being closed up it may seem louder at least.

Like “Same”, It used to be that before AC, tires were much more noisy in warm weather. That’s when you left the windows rolled down. I 'm going to guess and take the eclectic approach. Maybe it depends upon the tire ?