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Noise and vibration

I have a 2002 chevy suburban 4wd with 156000 miles… I had tires replaced last week due to them being chopped. They ( Ithought) caused a low humming noise between 65-70mph.that was comming from the front.Below or above this speed the sound was not noticable. . I had new Coper AT-3 tires replace all around and balanced 5 days ago. The noise has become worse and starts at 61 mph and gets louder up to 70 an with a slight viration . I have not gone above that speed to se if the noise goes away as I feel a bit uncomfortable going any faster with this issue . The tires were balanced so was wondering if I have bad tires or if the new tires being all terrain are causing more strain on what could be a bering The wheel berings are fine and the rear berings and pinion bering were replaced two months ago . I know all terrains will make noise but not to this extent .

Any help with matter would be appreciated

Chop or cupping on your original tires indicates a problem with your suspension. You can try going back to the tire dealer and ask them to check the balance. You should take to someone who can check the suspension.

This is a pretty good explanation of different kinds of tire wear.

If you had a problem BEFORE you replaced the tires - and the problem exists AFTER you replaced the tires, then the problem is NOT the tires. Look at other rotating components.