I drive a pickup. only highway. put 2n new tirews on the front about 4 weeks ago. going downhill, tapping the brakes, I get a slight vibration, but worse is constant road noise on the level. and as I slow down, I get the whup,whup,whup sound.


sounds like the tires are out of round or if they were put on the front a wheel bearing going out


Possible tire defect. Rotate front to rear and see if there is any change. If so, ask the tire dealer to make good on his warranty.


I wonder if someone improperly torqued them and warped a rotor?

I might suggest that is there is much difference in the tyres you need to have the best on the back.  If you are trying to stop in an emergency situation and the front tyres don't hold as well as the back, it is bad, but if they hold better, you will soon be looking where you have come from with the tail gate going first.