98 GMC Yukon won't turnover

My 98 Yukon won’t turnover. There is power to everything, but when I turn the key nothing happens. What’s wrong?

It doesn’t take all that much to run everything else (e.g. for your dash lights or radio to come on) - it takes a lot to actually crank the motor over. The usual place to start is with pulling the battery cables, cleaning them really well and getting them back on tight.

If you have a voltmeter, put it on the batter and see what you have. Ideally you’re up at or over 12.5V or so. If you’re lower than that, charge the battery and take it to an auto parts store - many will test the battery & charging system for free.

As it was explained to me long ago,all electrical diagnosis starts at the battery.

You can try wiggling the gearshift lever while in PARK or shift into NEUTRAL on the offchance that a neutral safety switch can be going stupid. At 13 years old and depending on the number of key cycles it’s been through it’s a possibility anyway.