No Turn Signals

I have a 1997 GMC Sierra. I had a turn signal out in the front driver side. the old bulb was rusted out so i had to remove it with needle nose pliers. replaced bulb, and now i have absolutely no turn signals at all. not even the clicking noise or the turn signal illuminator in dash. I have since replaced the turn signal relay, but that was no help. any suggestions or ideas?

Check the sockets for a short to ground, and the fuse,

Check fuses 1 and 16. Supposedly GM provides a bulb test feature on this vehicle, have you tried that? Remove the bulb and check the resistance (using a dvm-ohm meter or a continuity tester) between the hot lead of the bulb socket you were messing with, and chassis ground. Is it shorted out? Also check for continuity between the bulb socket ground and chassis ground.