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Turn signal solid (doesn't flash) on '96 Sonoma. MF Switch not to blame

Hello All,

I joined up because I’m stumped on a repair problem. My 1996 GMC Sonoma’s turn signals don’t flash. The signal bulbs do come on when I flip the switch and I can simulate a turning signal by clicking the switch up and down (which doesn’t make me feel silly at all, btw). All six bulbs appear to be working and I can’t find any blown fuses. I have also replaced the multifunction switch (which is what two different mechanics told me needed to be done). I’m all out of ideas, and I can’t afford a diagnostic at the repair shop right now. Do you all have any suggestions?

Thanks for reading.

The mechanics were wrong. Your multifunction switch was fine. Your flasher relay is bad. That’s what needs replacing.

Sometimes this happens because a bulb is burned out, but finding the burned out bulb isn’t easy if you have any two-stage bulbs. I encourage you to test every bulb that should flash by putting in a fresh bulb and seeing if it gets any better. On a car this old, that might include marker lights on the sides of your vehicles. Test each and every one.

I agree with the flasher relay. Usually if a bulb is out just that side will not work.

Here’s another vote for bad flasher relay.

You guys were absolutely right. It was a bad flasher relay. Thanks so much!