NO, Tom and Ray did not suggest insurance fraud

Sunday, listening to Car Talk on KQED, I thought I heard Tom and Ray suggest and endorse insurance fraud. Jose from New Haven had engine trouble from running through water. I was intrigued with the explanation of how water (mostly non-compressible) could distort the rods and pistons. This could cost thousands, but suppose you had run your car into a tree?
No, they were not suggesting insurance fraud, as I first supposed. They were suggesting that insurance might cover the ‘running-through-water’ damage, as a closer listen to the show reveals.
But before I listened to the show again today, at the urging of David Green, Associate Producer, I had complained to my wife, to my mechanic, to Yelp, and quite a few other places.
Mea culpa. My apologies to CT and to any who heard my complaint.
If any other casual listeners think they heard something nefarious, they didn’t.
(And now I have to send this to my wife)