No start, no crank

heres the deal. drove it to my brothers. there about 4 hours. went to leave, it was cold out. my battery is weak anyway, but always starts. I turned it over, it turned over and over but wouldn’t start. could hear my battery getting lower, and lower. then it started to skip turning over and the whole chattering sound. so I waited till morning. my brother and I jumped it, left it on about 5 minutes or so, which has worked before when i jumped it. it turned it over, very slowly, but obviously not enough juice. my brother had to go somewhere, and then we hooked it up to his running car for about 20 minutes. all lights and electric come on brightly and fast. But when turn the key, nothing. no clicks, no sounds, no engine turning over.

Lets see , you know that your present battery is weak . Jumping and charging don’t seem to help . I wonder what it will take to convince you to at least put a new battery in that you need anyway.


lol. so. you are saying that I put a new battery in, its going to turn over and start, after it didn’t do ANYTHING at all when being jumped??

It might, but it’s also possible that there’s a bad connection at either end of both cables, or corrosion and broken wires inside a cable.


Yes it could. As @shanonia points out a bad connection could also be a problem, and if the bad connection is at the battery, then connecting a new battery would fix that problem

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So this “it” is a boat? Recreational Vehicle? Motorcycle? Lawn Mower? Airplane? Truck? SUV? Or maybe even a car? Strange that you don’t tell us what you are trying to jump start. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lemme get my Magic 8 Ball out and give it a go… It says “You might get better answers if you tell us what vehicle you are having problems with” :smiling_imp:

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Whether the problem is just the battery or something else you should always start to find the problem by having a good battery first. If you know the battery is bad, replace it. Then if it don’t work, the next step is to check cables and connections.

Make/model/year/miles/age of current battery?