NISSAN Sentra Won't Start - New Battery

Sounded like the battery was dead, but replaced it; car still sounds the same and won’t crank except briefly and very weak. What other options and how do I test? Starter? Coil? Other? Last week same thing, except could eventually get to start and it ran strong once going.

What happens if you hook up jumper cables and try jump starting it? Have you put a battery charger on this new battery?

I once bought a new battery and it didn’t last 2 days. If the car is cranking, but weakly, then not enough power is getting to the starter motor. Be certain that the battery cables are in good shape, both ends of the battery cables are making good contact, particularly the ground cable. In my case, the store where I bought the battery made all kinds of excuses not to exchange the battery. I knew that battery was defective because I could charge it overnight with the battery cables disconnected. When charged, my voltmeter read 12.6 volts. Three hours later, with the cables disconnected, my voltmeter read 9 volts. After all kinds of excuses from the store, I grabbed their load tester and proved that the battery was defective. The next excuse was that they didn’t have any more batteries of the model I selected and I would have to upgrade at my expense to a more expensive battery. I asked for a refund and was told that my old battery had been recycled. I then grabbed an old battery off the floor and said, “I’ll take this one and my refund”. I finally got my money back.

On the other hand, I bought a new battery from WalMart for my inlaw’s car. It lasted three months and croaked. I took the battery back to WalMart and it was replaced for free with no questions asked.

If the battery condition proves to be ok then the trouble may be with the lead to the starter. It may have internal corrosion inside the insulation. There could also be a problem with the starter motor, or the engine may have a problem turning freely.