Lincoln Ls 2002 v6

I purchased a new battery yesterday because the old one went dead. The car has been sitting for a month, upon completion of installing the battery, I cranked the car but it wouldn’t turn over. Could any provide some useful advice


Do you mean the engine did crank, but wouldn’t start?

Or do you mean the engine did not even crank (the starter didn’t engage)?

It doesn’t crank, just makes that noise as if it’s trying to crank up

Remove the battery and put it on a charger for 24 hours. Most batteries sit on a shelf and are charged fully by the alternator. If you installed it and then didn’t drive it, it did not get charged. The other explanation is that you have a parasitic draw while the car sits.

Would a jump be sufficient?

It might if you then drive the car for a good, long, drive. I’d leave everything turned off but the necessities in order to allow the battery to charge.

I still don’t know what happened. What noise did it make? Just a click? Or something else?

Something else, after I purchased the battery the clicking stopped. Now its cranking and not turning over

I think we have a communication problem here. You said earlier that the engine “doesn’t crank.”

Now you say it does crank, but does not turn over.

“Cranking” means the starter is engaging and spinning the engine.
“Turning over” means the same thing as “cranking.” It does not mean the engine is actually starting.

So it cannot be “cranking” but not “turning over.”

What you mean is the engine is cranking/turning over, but not starting. The problem is that the engine won’t start. Right? Does the engine crank at normal speed/sound, or does it sound like the battery is weak?

YES, thank you and sorry for the mix up

OK, now does it sound like the battery is cranking the engine normally, like it has good charge?

Yes, I had the battery less than 24 hours so I know that’s not the problem

OK, so battery is fine.

Now you have to narrow down the problem. Most likely either a fuel problem or a no spark condition.

Try turning key to “run” position without cranking the engine. Do you hear the sound of the fuel pump running for a few seconds? If you don’t hear the fuel pump, that could be a problem.

Then after waiting a few seconds with the key in “run” position, try cranking the engine. Sometimes waiting to allow the fuel pump to prime the fuel line will help start the engine.

Post back to say whether or not you can hear the fuel pump run.

Did the car start ok a month ago? Or were there some starting issues before the car was put on hiatus for a month?

The battery you purchased may have come without a full charge. It probably has just enough oomph to crank the crankshaft but not enough to also provide a good enough spark to fire. Particularly if you have corrosion at the battery cable connections eating up voltage.

Jesmed gave you some excellent advice regarding the fuel system. If that doesn’t prove productive, try cleaning your cable connections and also try a jump start.

Post back with the results.

The car started fine until the battery died, I’m gonna jump it tomorrow . I’m gonna try tapping the starter and check the fuel pump. Im working now so I can’t provide updates right now

Also I purchased the corrosion protection, lube and the slips, if that helps any

OK, you’re confusing me again. If the engine is cranking normally (you said it was in answer to my last question) why are you tapping the starter? If the engine is cranking, that means the starter is working.

Not trying to confuse you. I’m was suggesting I was going to try everything I could, if you think or know that tapping the starter is not something I need to do then I won’t do it, I’m ignorant when it comes to this topic so whatever u say I’ll do