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95 camry wont start? help?

Hey. I have a 95 toyota camry ive been working on and recently i just drove the car for about an hour. I let it sit for a couole days and yesturday i went to crank it up, the idle started acting funny bouncing up and down and then the car shut off. Ive crank it again, turned right on, then when i gave it some gas a little bit it shut off again. Cranked it up again did the same thing. After a few times now the car wont start. ANYBODY HAS AN IDEA? IF SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

First thing to do is split the problem in two buy determining if it is fuel or spark. Do you hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds when you turn the key on? If not could be a fuel pump problem or the circuit for the pump. If the pump runs, then you can check for spark with either a spark tester, or by pulling a plug or connecting a plug to the plug wires and see if you see a spark when someone runs the starter motor. If you have both fuel and spark, then you could have a timing belt problem. It’s a start anyway but I see a tow in your future.

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I just had the timing belt replaced couple 100 miles ago and also just had a tune up on it like 2 weeks ago. I toke the whole backseat out and turn the key i dont hear anything from the fuel pump? Could it be it?

When I hear things like that, I tend to look at what was done last. What did this tune up consist of?

The pump, its wiring, the fuel pump relay…

Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter and fuel injection service

Well if the pump isn’t running, the car is not going to start. So question is why? Is it getting power at the pump harness? If so the computer, relay, and wiring is likely OK and the pump is bad. If no power at the harness, then one of the above or more. You can try banging on the tank with a 2x4 or rubber hammer or something to see if you can coax the thing to start. I used to carry a 5# hammer and 2x4 just for that purpose.