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99 Civic No spark no start

Replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor button, distributor cap, and the ignition module. The coil tested good. The engine cranks, but will not start. Any idea what the problem might be?

How do you know you dont have spark?
With ‘ignition module’ you mean the igniter?

Assuming that you’ve verified that you have no spark, the next check I’d make is of the crank position sensor.

for a car to start you need a good spark at the right time and the correct amount of gas. Ask your mechanic to make sure the spark plugs are actually firing. Get a visible confirmation of the spark. The crank position sensor as mentioned above needs to be working too, for the timing to be correct. And the fuel pressure has to be at spec, so ask your mechanic to check that. If that’s all ok and it still dosn’t start, it would be time for a compression test.

You might check for power at the coil with the key in the run and start positions. No power could be a sign of a faulty ignition switch; assuming no blown fuse of course.
Your car is under a Recall for the switch and if this Recall has never been performed you can have it done free of charge at any Honda dealer.

There are several other Recalls out on this car and if none have been performed then get them all in one shot as it’s all free.

If the Crank Position Sensor isn;t working, not only will the timing be off but there will be no spark whatsoever. The spark is created when the current through the coil primary is cut off and the magnetic field collapses into the coil core and induces a spike. If the CPS isn’t working, the current flow through the primary won’t be going on and off, there’ll be no field collapse, and thus no spark.