Honda no spark


i have a honda 1989 civic si

cranks no spark checked distributer/coil, computer, fuses. has fuel no spark what could it be?


Its the pickup in the distributor. I beleve this car does’nt have a n external coil, i think its in the distrubutor. Its cheeper to but a distributor for those cars than to replace components sepertly. The pick up in the distributor also controls spray from the injectors. Your looking at around 120 to 150 for a reman distributor


correctoin, the distributor doesnt control spray from the injectors. but the problem lies in the distributor


First, remove the distributor cap and see if the rotor turns when someone cranks the engine. If the rotor doesn’t turn, well you don’t want to hear the rest of this. If it does, then just get a reman distributor. As stated before, in the long run its cheaper.

The center shaft bushings in this distributor wear out and that is not replaceable with regular tools, it take a machine shop with specialized equipment. I once replaced every item in a distributor over a several month period only to find the bushing had also worn beyond its limits. I had to get a reman with all new parts anyway, can’t reuse the old ones because you can buy just the shell. So I agree with the earlier post, bite the bullet and buy a reman, IF the rotor turns.