No Spark 98 Buick LeSabre 3.8

I was offended too but thought I’d let it slide Just This Once. Cursing gets people excited for the wrong reasons and it isn’t tolerated here. Ain’t that some shhhhtuff.

OK I didnt see that I put shet up there. LOL.

It’s in the community guidelines that we’re supposed to be a family-friendly forum, so cursing usually gets flagged pretty quick.

I won’t but someone might flag you again.

For colorful euphemisms, suggest to stick w/ language that you’ve heard on the radio program. For example: I had to stop working on my ignition system b/c I needed a “haircut” would be acceptable. The other common phrasing for the same meaning probably wouldn’t.

Maybe I’m tired but I have no idea what this means.

“Haircut” was used & discussed several times on the radio program, as a Car-Talk friendly euphemism for urinating. I believe the term was first introduced by a caller who wondered if it is ethical while on a long road trip to stop at McDonalds just to use their restroom? Or to be ethical should you also purchase something ? Before the pandemic there’s not much chance I could go there and not buy some french fries. Post pandemic, never been there.

Around Christmas we took a road trip down to see a display maybe 40 miles away. On the way back we were going to stop at a Culvers to get something to eat. (Now by Gov edict, inside dining was closed state-wide but they have a drive through.)
So I was in pretty desperate need of a haircut but the guy inside barred the door and would not let me in. He should have had a Gestapo uniform. So I could have just used their bush and gotten arrested but I went to the Walmart a half block away which was wide open. No need to buy anything and no guards at the door. Then proceeded to go through the drive through for a hamburger. Is it any wonder while people have gone nuts?

I sometimes bring the kids to the township park to play. A while back they closed the bathrooms which had running water, porcelain toilets, soap and paper towel dispensers. They closed the bathrooms for covid restrictions and replaced them with portapotties.


My sister in law is from Texas and their euphemism was “gotta see a man about a dog”.


Our nephew died about 10 years ago. My mother in law, his grandmother, traded emails with his siblings and my daughters. She concluded with LOL. She wasn’t aware of the common meaning, and instead meant Lots of Love. We set her straight.

I couple of women I knew spent a lot of time on their base unit CB radios, their euphemism was “the dryer buzzer just went off”.

@ tcmichnorth. That’s what happens when government is in charge.

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I don’t use the rail to trails but if you were to ride far enough east you would go through my town.

As I have said before common sense is not to common anymore. :roll_eyes:

This local one goes north & south and is only about 43 miles long. Planning to ride the whole thing at once (one direction) some day.

I misspoke on the distances between towns earlier, it’s half what I said. I always think in terms of there and back mileage when I’m on the bike.

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Actually sanitizer is very good for changing tires. Put in on the bead to help get the tire on and off if you change them manually.

The one that goes through here is east west direction the only thing that I know for sure about is that it starts in Atlanta and goes into Alabama I think that I heard at one time it was supposed to go all the way to Memphis to the west and to South Carolina to the east.

Then use ether to pop the bead in place. If you’re braver than I am :grin:

@Tester and @Renegade my condolences to each of your families.

I didn’t go through and delete all the covid content, but I might if it turns out what was said is ongoing argument bait. Agree with @NYBo that we are best suited to cars and the like.

Okay, enough is enough. Since the OP didn’t take the hint, time to put him on ignore.