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Lesabre ignition control issues

Installed new IC coils, along with new plugs and wires and car ran great for a few months. Car died again, so I installed a new set of coils and a new ICM (and used heat sink). Battery had died so I tried to jump it, with no luck. Car got enough power to set the alarm off, and for me to see there was still a voltage problem, but it wouldn’t start. Any thoughts on what the issue might be before I sink money into it? Could the battery have shorted out? Could replacing it help?

My 1999 Buick LeSabre, what occasionally not start. No rhyme no reason replace coils replaced ignition control module still did it. Replace crankshaft sensor and the problem never came back. Just saying

It might have been the camshaft sensor. Can’t remember which one that was maybe one of these other guys can send you down the right path