2004 Buick Lesabre Limited Not Starting, Changed Coil Pack

Hey guys, back again. Had a previous issue with my car stalling out, turns out my MAF Sensor was bad. Been running with it unplugged, mechanic said it wouldn’t cause issues until I get the money to replace. Now the past 2 days, my car has been shaking while running and accelerating horribly, checked and saw that cylinders 3/6 weren’t firing. Figured the pack was bad, bought a new one and installed. Car started up, but the new coil was still not sparking. After running for a minute or so the car died on its own, now the car won’t start at all. No spark on every coil. What happened?

What year is this Buick?


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The ignition control module may have died.



Is there anyway to test the module? I have it out of the car. Would rather know for sure its bad if possible before buying the new one.

Parts stores use to be able to test ICM’s. But I don’t know of one that does anymore.

But think of the odds. You had one coil not firing #3 & #6. Now none of the coils fire.


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Faulty ignition module seems a likely culprit. If that doesn’t pan out, another idea, with no MAF the computer is forced to use the other sensors to calculate the amount of fuel to inject. Throttle position sensor, crank position sensor, O2 sensors, MAP (if equipped), engine coolant temp sensor, ambient air temp sensor, etc. If one of the other sensors is also faulty it won’t be able to do that calculation with enough accuracy, which could create misfires on all cylinders. The computer might turn off the spark entirely in that situation to avoid engine damage.

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I bit the bullet and bought it, car runs fine now. Now I need to get that MAF sensor and I should be good to go. Thank you for your input.

Yep, I replaced ignition module and car started right back up again. Definitely need to get that MAF sensor soon.

Try cleaning the MAF first. A good chance that it will help and costs less than $3 to try.

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I did, still is not functioning.