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No Saturn in this small town

99 Saturn sl 1.9 a/t

Cranked to start, engine idled 30 seconds and petered out.

Next attempts to start, only dash lights…no click, no crank, not even with a jump.

Remote fob does nothing ( no lock/unlock, no panick horn, no trunk. ),it’s battery is good.

Hot wire to starter motor, it cranks strong.

Is there some security/anti theft mode going on here ?

Car is three days new to customer but worked those days.

Has aftermarket radio, it was dead this whole time too. It’s own fuse is good.
Started checking fuses the old “pull 'em and look” method. Each fuse is good, but when I returned the 25 amp fuse marked as ‘wipers’ back to it’s socket…

BAZAM ! everything comes back to life ! ? ! ? !

Car works now .

---------- ? -------------


Aftermarket installations always bother me. You never know how power will be accessed, what type of connections have been used, what unintended parallel circuits have been created, or what ground paths have been created. It sounds like this aftermarket radio tapped into a circuit unable to take the new current draw that it created.

Out of curiosity, how many watts is the aftermarjet radio? How big are the woofers?

Not sure of the stereo just now, car is back out in the holding lot. Nothing fancy though just a JVC cd player.
Not even sure if radio and wiper fuse are related, just highly suspect due to hatchet job installation.
One tech said that GM’s connections are poor and prone to minor corrosion. The pulling of the fuse may have been all that was needed to reconnect.