No power

My 2004 suzuki verona has no power. Everything has lost power when I turn the ignition including my radio and car alarm.

Are you talking about electrical power or engine power?

How old is the battery?

It has no electrical power or engine power and the battery is at least 4 years old.

I would suspect the battery or connections to it. A good start would be to remove and clean the contacts of all cables and connections to the battery. Remember to clean both ends. Also try some easy push and pull of the wires/cables. They can go bad internally.

I of course was assuming you were talking about electrical power vs engine power.

Good Luck

Check the battery voltage with a multimeter/voltmeter. Battery voltage should be between 11.9V (fully discharged) to 12.6V (fully charged). If the voltage is 11V or lower the battery has a dead/shorted cell and should be replaced.

Try starting the car in Neutral in case the Neutral Safety/Interlock switch is out of adjustment. I had this problem on a Dodge Dakota.

Ed B.

Did you leave the lights on in your car?
You need to start by recharging the battery.
You either need to hook up a battery charger to your car, and let it recharge for several hours, or you need to remove the battery and take it someplace that can charge it for you, or replace it with a fully charged replacement battery.


A new battery will most likely fix you up since the one you have is old enough to most likely be beyond serviceable life. It would also be a good idea to have the charging system checked out at the same time and check the system for excessive current drain while the car is parked. Getting those things done should keep you from further brakedowns like this for some time at least.