2005 pt cruiser electrical power issue

I drove the car to town this morning, and then to work without problems. I go to get in the car and the car has no electrical power what so ever. I am going to check the voltage and battery terminals, but is there a fuse that sends power to everything in the car, including lights, horn, etc? There is NO power at all.

How old is the battery in this car?
I can tell you from personal experience that no-maintenance batteries can suffer sudden death.

Check the battery.

I’ve had battery’s suddenly die.

Came home from work and shut the engine off.

Ran in the house to take a quick shower and change clothes to go out for the evening and when turned the key to start the engine, nothing, zip, nada, not one light came on.

Checked the battery voltage.



There usually is a main fuse that supplies power though there may be several large fuses that distribute power to the electrical systems. The battery connections are usually the first suspects for problems like this since they are very often overlooked as a maintenance item. What may really may have happened is you have a weak battery and you may have left something turned on which drained the battery. Whatever the problem is it should be pretty easy to figure out. This may be a good time to have the battery and charging system checked out for any issues as winter is coming, but for some folks that live in the southern climates that really doesn’t matter much.

Turns out it was just the battery. I took it back to the store where I purchased it, they tested it, and it immediately showed some bad cells. Still had 2 months of warranty on the battery, so it was replaced for free. Car is fine as wine now. Thanks for the advice.

Good deal. Thanks for update.