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Nissan Sentra Electical Problem

My Daughter’s 2000 sentra has an issue. WHen seh gets in and turns the key there is no power to anthing. When she tries again, it works fine, clock on radio reset. THe batter and connections at the batter have been checked. Can has been worked on at the dealer recently. What are the possible problems?

I am going to lean towards the ignition switch, or the ignition relay.

Since the radio is resetting this means the trouble is most likely in the main battery bus somewhere. The first thing to do is to clean the battery connections using a battery post cleaning brush. If that doesn’t clear the trouble then look for a faulty connection between the battery and the main power panel under the hood. Clean the connection between the battery and chassis ground also.

Thanks for the reply. Turns out the battery was cracked and leaking acid. The cause for the cracked was an over charging alternator.