1997 Infiniti I30 -NOT the battery

I’m original owner. Car starts fine. But, then won’t restart. Car is dead; NOT battery. No power at all. After about 45 minutes, you hear a loud “beeping” sound & power is back. Car is able to be started.

Check the power wiring between the battery and the main panel under the hood. There is most likely a faulty connection somewhere in that area. The trouble could also be between the main panel and the power supply line to the ignition switch. If the brake lights and flashers work while the trouble is happening then the trouble is most likely the feed to the ignition switch.

So you have no power anywhere (lights, dash, audio)?

I’d start by cleaning and tightening the battery connections to the battery posts. The battery can be fully charged, working fine, new condition, but if the connections to the battery posts are even slightly loose and/or oxidized this symptom can be the result.

Correct. No lights, locks, audio, etc. Car is totally w/o power.

Thanks for your assistance. It was a loose connection, as you suggested it might be.

It was battery related. Thank you for your good advice.

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Good to hear you fixed the problem. Thanks for the feedback.