No Pick-Up in My Stick Shift

I own a 2000 Honda CR-V with nearly 150,000 miles. I’ve faithfully followed recommended maintenance suggestions. Lately, I’ve noticed I don’t have a lot of pick up when in second or third gears. If I give it more gas, the engine just revs until the speed eventually gets to the next gear. What’s wrong? What should I have checked?

Is this a manual or automatic? You have phrases that suggest one or the other.

Of course, either way this is clutch slipping - if it is a manual you probably need a new clutch. If it is an automatic, the very first thing to do is check the fluid level (follow correct procedure as per owner’s manual). If the fluid is low stop driving until it is up to the right level and then go to a local trans shop to have the leak evaluated (that’s the only way you’d end up low). If its an automatic and the fluid isn’t low then you likely need a rebuild.

Many thanks for the information. It’s a manual. And I’m guessing new clutches are pretty expensive…

A new clutch is not cheap. But it is just a normal wear and tear issue like brakes or tires or suspension. So its just one of those normal costs of keeping a car on the road. If indeed you have kept up with all of the maintenance you’ve only just gotten this car broken in, so this expense - in the long run - will just be a blip (if you plan to just keep it).

Oh, I plan to keep it…gotta get me through the next year or so for sure. Thanks for your help!