Manual Gears won't shift

Hi there; My 2003 Honda CR-V (Touring Edition) is having issues with it’s gear shift. It has been periodially not going into gear. Then this week I cannot get it into any gear. Is this an issue with the transmission/engine or a simple fix like transmission fluid? Thank you. PS The clutch seems to still work fine. No issues.

Needs a mechanic to diagnose. Could be linkage, though you think the clutch is working fine, it too could be faulty. I don’t know what the recommended service schedule is for manual transmissions in Honda, it may be time for a fluid change.

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Thank you very much Purebred. I, too, am thinking it may be Transmission Fluid…hoping at least. Better than needing a huge repair job. lol.

Old fluid won’t keep it from shifting. Is it stuck in a gear? Can’t shift even with the engine off?

Just a WAG but after you’ve checked all your fluid levels try shifting into any gear.
If not, my first guess would be a worn/broken shift linkage which wouldn’t be unusual in an 18 year old car but that’s actually good news because it’s a lot cheaper than a transmission replacement.


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You need to give a much more detailed description of what you are experiencing. Are you having grinding? Can you get it in gear with the engine off? Is the gear shift stiffer than usual?..or much easier than usual? Can you get it in 5th but not in 1st? Can you get it in reverse? Is the hydraulic fluid completely filled? Did this occur suddenly or slowly? The answer will depend on the exact symptoms.

If you can shift gears with the engine off, but not when it’s running, it indicates the clutch master cylinder is leaking internally.



That symptom on my Corolla when engine is running, my first guess is the same as Tester’s, faulty clutch master cylinder. I’ve had to replace that part twice over the years for this symptom. Why do you think OP the clutch isn’t involved?