No One Ive Talked To Can Figure This Out ! 2.7 V6

hello there, here is some background before my question. for those who take the time to answer this in any way, I cant begin to thank you enough! If you have any ideas that can help out with getting this bucket on the road, id appreciate anything. ts my only ride at the moment, preventing me from working any good jobs.

so being absolutely lazy and wanting to go home, instead of filling my coolant i thought it would be OK to drive home and worry about it the next day. ( i needed to fill it because it had a large leak, so i had been adding to it periodically that is a fix i can do/ know how to fix, anyways) so of course on the way home it overheated to the point of smoke bursting from under the hood,not just steam but actual smoke , at least that is what i suspect. i had it towed home, fixed everything that i could see. now the only code it is throwing is P0038. when i looked it up it was for the o2 censer. and ive yet to get a new one. further more when i try to start the car, it does not even click ,or turn over. it makes a weird sound but that is it. i also took a ‘jumper cable to the fuse box trick’ and that was a fail as well.

so my main question would be, what do you think the issue would be regarding thee car from not being able to start? (minus the obvious things such as fuses or gas or dead battery, only because ive check those already) any ideas ?

Chrysler 300
150k miles
Daily driver, city miles
V6 , 2.7 , base model

You seem smarter then say, a box of rocks. So, what happens to a severely overheated motor? Have you heard the term, seized?
Can you use a breaker bar to rotate motor?


Your “laziness” has toasted your car’s engine.

Good luck.

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Yup I agree. Likely seized/shot engine. Try the breaker bar to turn it over, otherwise new engine or parts car. Do you want us to lie or tell the truth?


Does it sound like a starter motor free wheeling? Sounds like the engine has no compression. Watch the crankshaft pulley while cranking the engine to see if it rotates.


Not sure if that was an insult, but my reasoning for this post is due to my lack of knowledge on vehicles. So how do i know if indeed it is seized? and is this something i can fix or get fixed ?

Toasted, like its totally no longer fixable? and thank you, seems like i need all the luck i can get at this point. haha

I would like the truth of course, and i appreciate all the replys.
How do i do that ? or what should i type in on “google” or “YouTube” to research this ?

thanks for the reply. how do i turn the engine? or perhaps can you direct me to a video on this ? thanks in advance

what exactly does this mean?

and what kind of weird noise does it make when you turn the key and try to start?

Here is the video i learned it from

and the noise is almost like it wants to crank but does not in the end

Is the starter turning over the motor? or do you just here a click, click?

Symptoms Of A Seized / Locked Engine - How To Tell It’s Not A Bad Starter - YouTube

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Have an assistant turn the ignition key while you watch the front of the engine to see if anything rotates.

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That 2.7 engine is one of the worst that Chrysler ever made. It does not handle overheating well, and they have notoriously weak “bottom ends”. Experience long ago taught me that once these engines exhibit any sign of internal mechanical failure, they are almost impossible to repair reliably. Complete replacement with a rebuilt unit is usually the best course of action.


You’d get a replacement engine at significant expense, which of course would be a shame because this was all easily prevented.

For future reference, running an engine out of oil and severely overheating an engine are the two worst things you can do to it.


Remove the spark plugs and then try cranking the engine over.

If the engine cranks and coolant squirts out the spark plug holes the engine was hydro-locked.

Hydro-lock occurs when an engine overheats and a head gasket fails.

This allows coolant to fill one or more cylinders with coolant.

And since a liquid can’t be compressed, the engine can’t crank over.



Don’t waste your money on a new O2 sensor until you get the starting and running issue resolved.

From what I see from your posts, Your best bet is to either get your car towed to a shop, or find a mobile mechanic to come look at your car.


@crivers1994_182590 I don’t think any amount of You Tube videos are going to be much help . I think ITS-Me is correct in having a mobile mechanic look at this and maybe give you a ball park opinion as to how bad the damage is . You then decide to repair engine , rebuild engine or just have it sent to the salvage because the expense is just not worth it.


You (or your shop) could try to rotate the engine using a socket/ratchet on the crankshaft bolt. This shouldn’t take much force. Some force, but not much. If it wouldn’t budge then I’d remove the spark plugs and try again. Report back here what you find out.

Note: No experience w/that engine, so not 100% sure this idea is applicable to your car. But I’ve done hand-rotations like that over the years on all of the cars I’ve ever owned. Done to set the engine to TDC for timing purposes, to move a pulley into a desired orientation, etc. Make sure to turn the engine in the correct direction, not backwards. For safety sake, make sure engine is “off” and key is removed, could cause injury if engine cranked or fired-up while doing this. Usually when I do this I first disconnect the battery negative.

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