Overheated 300 ** updated**

hello there, here is some background before my question. for those who take the time to answer this in any way, I cant begin to thank you enough! If you have any ideas that can help out with getting this bucket on the road, id appreciate anything. ts my only ride at the moment, preventing me from working any good jobs.

so being absolutely lazy and wanting to go home, instead of filling my coolant i thought it would be OK to drive home and worry about it the next day. ( i needed to fill it because it had a large leak, so i had been adding to it periodically that is a fix i can do/ know how to fix, anyways) so of course on the way home it overheated to the point of smoke bursting from under the hood,not just steam but actual smoke , at least that is what i suspect. i had it towed home, fixed everything that i could see. now the only code it is throwing is P0038. when i looked it up it was for the o2 censer. and ive yet to get a new one. further more when i try to start the car, it does not even click ,or turn over. it makes a weird sound but that is it. i also took a ‘jumper cable to the fuse box trick’ and that was a fail as well.

so my main question would be, what do you think the issue would be regarding thee car from not being able to start? (minus the obvious things such as fuses or gas or dead battery, only because ive check those already) any ideas ?

Chrysler 300
150k miles
Daily driver, city miles
V6 , 2.7 , base model

Updated ****
So after changing the starter and filling the Coolent / fixing any previous leakage or prior issues that got me here in the first place . This is what I’ve done

  • new starter
  • charged battery
  • got rid of any & all codes
  • I’ve even took apart ignition & everything is fine there
  • checked all fuses
  • filled Coolent

Now car still won’t start, it clicks ( but doesn’t sound normal )
There is a red light on dash I think it’s the security light . Any ideas ?

I’m thinking alternator or Spark plugs? What do you think ?

Did you try taking the spark plugs and starter and turning the engine over with the bolt on the crank pulley, If you can’t ,your engine is seized.


It’s a Chrysler 2.7 that was probably severely overheated, it’s shot. I frequently heard the rumor that if a Mopar/Fiat/Stalanis product has an engine that ends with a 7 RUN ! !

Based on what you’ve told us…it’s highly likely that your engine has seized up due to overheating. Many people have told you this. There’s no amount of parts or wishful thinking that will change this.

I’d take the car to a mechanic for a professional opinion. But in the meantime…you need to start planning for another car, or at the very least a new engine.

Sorry to sound harsh, but that’s what I see. Good luck.


You can think of all the parts in a vehicle . Until you have a good independent shop look at this vehicle you are just wasting time and money . Like others I suspect the engine is just plain destroyed.


People have given you the answer already. You need to have a competent mechanic see how badly the overheating damaged the engine.


You were given suggestions as to making sure the engine is not seized. Your actions were to replace this and that while thinking of things that are not likely the cause. “Took apart the ignition” could mean anything…

You are skipping over the first part of the alphabet and starting at the end. You really need to have someone who knows what they are doing take a look at this vehicle as right now you are blind and wandering in the woods at night. Sorry to be a bit harsh.


Erasing trouble codes does not make the problem go away it just eliminate the clues.

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The o2 sensor code is unlikely to be related to the no-start symptom. Readings from the o2 sensors are generally not used by the drivetrain computer until after the engine has already started and enough elapsed time for the sensors to warm up. In any event, if the starter motor isn’t rotating the engine, it isn’t ever going to start until that issue is resolved. Good ideas above to determine if it is possible to hand-rotate the engine, might prove it is totally seized.

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My magic 8 ball says…
First spin… If you rely on dreams and hope, in the end you may feel like a dope.

second spin… If the engine won’t at least cough and wheeze, it is possible because your engine is seized. :rofl:

wish you luck


I’m betting motor is broke.

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Let’s define some terms here. Cranking means the starter is turning the engine over. In the old days, cars didn’t have a starter motor. A hand crank was attached to the front of the crankshaft and the driver would manually “crank” the engine.

“Start” is that moment when the engine begins to run under its own power. Once running, that is called “run”.

Sometimes a motor will “start” but not “run” which means that the motor had ignition for just a few seconds but would not continue to run. It started just long enough for the starter to disengage and then quit. Sometimes that is referred to as “caught” as the engine caught but then died. You see this when someone puts a shot of either (starting fluid) into the intake manifold, the engine starts but dies because it isn’t getting any gas.

Now tell us what is going on with your car.

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You’re a poet, and we didnt know it.


While you’re at it, why not flush the brake fluid and adjust the parking brake? You could also do an alignment. You could also replace the struts. Have you put in a new air filter? Have you topped off the power steering fluid? There are a number of things you can do to this vehicle while it’s not running.


It is a long thread.

Tje slant 6 was 3.7 liters, and the current Hemi is 5.7.

I also recall a 1.7 VW engine in the first Horizons.

Had a good reputation, but has been out of production for over 20 years.

No opinion on this one, not familiar with it.

That was just adding insult to injury.