No one can find the problem

We have a 99 Volve V70 (wagon) stick shift. It does this pulling to the left that feels like so much more than an alignment problem. It cranks to the left and then shakes and is difficult to straighten out. My husband thought it wss at or above 70 mph, and I was also driving that fast, but it seemed to me that when I slowed down to 60 it still took some energy to keep it steady as I would feel it begin to shake and pull left every 4-5 minutes. I also noticed that on the way to my destination, and back home, the problem seemed to begin after driving for about 1hr and 15 min. On my way home I stopped at one point and as my car was idling w the p-brake on there was a pretty fast clicking noise coming from the area of the front driver side tire. We have taken it to two mechanics, one who specializes in volvo’s and neither can find the problem. Any thoughts? Oh yeah, we also need a clutch, I think, but not sure it has anything to do with this problem.

My first assumption…just s guess…would be something going on with the abs system or the brake on that side.

Thanks, I’ll mention that when I bring it back in. I appreciate your super quick response.

If it were an alignment problem, it should be occurring all the time. See if removing the ABS fuse, or (if you can) switching off the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) makes any different.
A brake repair shop should be your first stop. It’s not impossible that there might be a problem in the power steering.