No oil in pan

Through a series of events that are too long to list here, I happened to pour too much oil into my engine. Now, the dipstick reads well over the maximum level. I tried to drain the oil out, but when I undid the plug, absolutely nothing came out. There is no oil whatsoever in the oil pan. Nada. Nothing. Where in the world is my oil, and how do I get it out?

Is this an automatic tranny? If so, the oil you poured in may be in your transmission. Or your tranny could be dry and your oilpan overfilled.

In short, you may be pulling the wrong plug and reading the wrong dipstick.

Yes, one of the scenarios mentioned by mountainbike is correct, but from this distance we don’t know exactly how you fouled this up. The most important thing right now is to NOT start the engine.

Have the truck towed to a qualified mechanic to determine which component you drained, and which one you overfilled–possibly with the wrong fluid. And, before you attempt any more maintenance on the truck, have someone show you which drain plug is for the crankcase, and which one is for the transmission. Likewise, have that person show you the placement of the oil dipstick and the transmission dipstick.