Oil Change Problems

My son in law changed his oil in a 1993 Toyota Pick-up. The next morning he drove the truck and it started smoking he checked the oil and it read over full. He tried to drain the oil but nothing will drain out of the plug. There is oil in it and it is ozzing out of the dipstick any ideals what went wrong.

He is either draining the wrong plug or putting oil in the wrong place.

It is time to put this vehicle in the hands of a professional if you want to keep it running.

Or both.

Even iffy lube does better than that, usually.

Confusing the transmission with the engine? Common with some newbies. Don’t run it anymore until you get a professional to look at it. You’ve probably damaged it enough already.

Has he changed oil on this truck before? Something is not right. Time to tow to a good shop.

My best guess is that your SIL drained the transmission, rather than the engine. In the process, he wound up with a grossly overfilled engine, and a dry transmission. If I am correct, no wonder it is smoking!

I am all for saving money, but when someone clearly has NO CLUE about what he is doing under the hood of a car, then he should leave it to someone who does know what he is doing. This attempt to save money may have caused severe damage to both the engine and the transmission, so in an effort to save ~$30.00 or so, your SIL could be looking at repairs that exceed the book value of that truck.

As others have already stated, the engine should not be started and the truck should not be driven until a professional mechanic has had a chance to examine it for damage. Have it towed to a reputable repair shop.

From the OP’s description, he may have drained the transmission but he obviously filled (overfilled) the crankcase, to point of “oozing out of the dipstick.” Still, something has no fluid in it (tranny??) and that’s big trouble!