How to check oil level with no dipstick

I have a 1979 Ford F100 custom that was just given to me by my grandfather, straight 6, 3 speed manual, no options of any kind.

I can’t find the dipstick! I’ve looked all over the top of the engine. I can see the oil filter, the filler cap towards the front of the crankcase and a sensor at the back of the crankcase but no dipstick. I went to the ARRC on the library website and there is no dipstick where the diagram says there is. I’m left to conclude there is none. If you also have this truck and know that it’s simply hidden please tell me. How do I check the oil level in a truck with no dipstick?

You can’t check the oil level without a dipstick.

If you can’t find the dipstick, the dipstick tube may also be missing. Look down the side of the engine at the oil pan, There should be a hole in the oil pan or in the engine block where the dipstick tube is inserted. If you find you need to replace the dipstick and tube, you’re local auto recycler might be able to supply you with these parts.


Do you know the oil capacity? If so you might be able to change the oil carefully draining and adding the correct refill amount. Then you should be able to manufacture your own dipstick and calibrate it based on the current oil level.

Have you unscrewed the oil filler cap?

Some vehicles have the dipstick attached to the bottom of the filer cap as one unit. I’ve no idea if this is the case here, but it seems an easy thing to check.

Look just behind the fuel pump for the dipstick or the hole in the block for the tube

This doofus finally found the dipstick. The handle had broken off so it was just an odd bump next to the oil filter. Thanks “Tester” I was doing what you suggested when it finally caught my eye.

Get a new one before the remaining part slips down the tube…