No more blind spots?

A teenage girl has devised a fairly simple technology for eliminating blind spots in cars!

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That is so cool. The next step could be to have this at 360 degrees. Through the doors and rear as well. But there is such a thing as too much stuff to maintain.

Problem is, this is not new technology. I recalled seeing something similar and lo and behold- here’s something from back in 2014-

I think it is GM that is now advertising the see through your trailer feature which utilizes a camera on the back of the trailer.

I give her credit for the exercise and follow through but it isn’t a novel idea…

You know what else doesn’t have blind spots? A motorcycle.

I’m just sayin’.

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But they seem to be invisible to idiot drivers!

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Not if you wear bright colors, like I do.

It comes as no surprise to me that people who ride dark-colored motorcycles and wear dark-colored gear are hard to see. Sure, they look cool and all, but chrome, red paint, and retroreflective colors on a riding jacket give you an edge.

Winning money for what amounts to basically duplicating existing technology. I guess it’s really true, everyone gets a prize.

Good for her. I love these school science competitions.Which they had them when I was a kid.

being a car buyer/seller requires me to buy parts.
the internet is so nice to instantly find stuff for sale and compare prices.
wish i had it when i was 20 and wrenching all the time.
and google anything? to see if anyone else has already done your idea?

When I rode, I wore a white helmet and a bright orange Honda jacket with reflective strips in pleats at the shoulders. The headlight was on. Still people didn’t see me. Maybe more people saw me, but some people don’t see anything but vehicles with four or more wheels.