Blind Spot Monitoring? How about Driver Education

Sorry. How lazy are we getting? We need this technology why? So we don’t have to take our eyes off of our cell phones when we change lanes? Remember the good old days (I know Tom & Ray sure do!) when cars rarely had a passenger side mirror. In all modern cars, with three mirrors PROPERLY ADJUSTED there should be no blindspot, and everyone should do, what we call in the motorcycling world, a ‘headcheck’ which usually means turning around to… wait for it… LOOK to see if a car is present in your not-so-blind spot. Though in this case I think ‘headcheck’ should be an IQ test to see if it reaches double digits. This gadget is just as necessary as ‘parking assist’.

Wow. I feel better now. I guess I can skip my therapists appointment this week!

Thanks for a great show, regardless of what the major media outlets say.