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No Mercedes dealers in Wyoming

Just read your recent Car Talk in newspaper. Wanted to pass on that I know from personal experience there are NO Mercedes dealerships in Wyoming. I had an issue with my 2014 E250 BlueTec while drving cross country with my sister. Car wouldn’t shift correctly and of course check engine light came on. We were in Cheyenne and when we tried to find a dealership I found out there were none. We had to go to Fort Collins, CO to get it diagnosed. They did not have the part but was told I could get it fixed in Billings, MT. Car was ok to drive I was assured so we drove to Billings before continuing on to Seattle. Unfortunately this caused us to miss our side trip to Yellowstone. Just wanted to give the Richard from Oregon a heads up!!

No dealers in Wyoming isn’t surprising. I would expect many, if not most, Wyoming citizens drive trucks. While MB does have a truck or two, they cost more than $100,000. What would be surprising is if Richard from Wyoming reads your message. This site is a forum for folks interested in all things automotive, and is not a forum for the newspaper articles. Still, Richard might see it, and it’s an interesting warning for anyone that drives a Mercedes Benz or similar vehicle planning a cross country trip. Stop back any time you like.

No offense to anyone from Wyoming, but the entire state doesn’t have enough people to populate a small city. There’s no one there to sell Mercedes cars to.

When my older brother finished college with his geology degree he went to work in rural Wyoming doing some sort of gas/oil development work. The money was fantastic (50K/year in the late 70’s) but living 40 miles from nowhere and not even getting a TV station was too much to handle. So he went on to a lucrative career teaching Driver’s Ed.

Actually, a successful career as a HS science teacher, and 2-time state championship basketball coach who teaches drivers ed in the summers.

While there may not be dealers, there is a European car specialist in Cheyenne, along with others further out.

I suspect cable providers do a brisk business in that part of the country. :wink:

More than likely, the folks in those sparsely-settled areas have to rely on satellite TV service.
The cost of running cable lines in areas where very few folks live would be huge in relation to the paltry profit resulting from the limited number of customers they would potentially serve.


Agree even the rural area where I live cable doesn’t come out this far we have to use saltellite service for internet or tv.

One of my college friends (geologist) did the same thing. He worked in oil shale. He and his wife used to go out on Friday night, but had to leave the bar by 9pm. That’s when the cowboys and oil field workers showed up looking for a fight. Apparently it was an every Friday activity.

Sign up enough neighbors and you’d be surprised, my dad was told it would be $6,000 to run cable down our private road from existing lines down the county road. After 5 families signed up they put it in for free. satellite TV is great except when the weather turns bad. For many the closest thing to broadband is one of those cellular hotspot’s ($50/mo for very limited data)

The cable company here has service a mile down the road from me but will not use the pole’s that are already in to run the wire ,for some reason.I don’t mind though I don’t have a TV and satellite internet is cheaper than the cable would be. Another thing I don’t know why they think my house is so far out in the boonies’ but a pizza shop is seven mile’s from me and they say that is beyoind their delivery range.

The Power/Cable/Gas lines are all underground along side the gravel road that 5 families share, so they had to dig a trench to run cable to us. Didn’t plan on that when everybody built their homes in the late 70’s

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The Power/Cable/Gas lines are all underground.
That would make sense for this area as we are heavily wooded we don’t get much bad winter weather but when we do it is usualy a ice strom’ that break the tree’s down over the power line’s causing power outages.

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