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Carmax Question

Just wondering, does anyone on here know anyone that has worked for carmax? I was thinking about applying for a vehicle appraiser, but thought I’d get some feedback on here from someone (if there is anyone) that knows anything about their positions.

Anyway, just thought I’d ask.


Have you even checked to see what the requirements for the appraiser position are. Or you could just apply and see what happens .

I have looked, I was just curious if anyone has worked there - even in sales. Just wanted to hear some opinions on working there (other than the 3 that are on google review for the one by my house)

Bought last 3 out of 5 cars from them. Never dealt with an unhappy person there, sales and service were always good, that is all I can say. I think our car sales guy had been there in the 5 to 10 year range.

My experience mirrors Barky’s. Bought 2, sold 2.

Generally happy, helpful folks. I know they hire veterens as appraisers with no experience. CarMax trains them. I like that.

FWIW, I sold two cars there and got good prices. If growth is any indication, I sold those cars at a CarMax that is about 20 miles away from my house. A couple years ago, they opened a new showroom in my town. Granted, I do live in a highly populated area, but the only other growth in the car sales business in my metro area seems to be a few very large dealerships buying up smaller ones. CarMax didn’t do that.

My experience was limited to car searches when I was looking for a newer model replacement for my prior Trailblazer. Carmax had several like condition TBs all priced exactly the same and about $5k MORE than both online pricing guides and two local dealers that had them. I looked at a couple more examples just to see if it was an across the board kind of situation and saw more competitive pricing on other cars as well as others that were inflated similar to the TBs. All in all, they did not appear to be any different than other local dealers in variation but they have a no haggle pricing policy right? I didn’t even bother to go there because of that…I bought my latest TB from a local dealer that also included a lifetime drive train warranty on the used truck…

I tried a Google search with the three words Carmax employer forum, and got a lot of links including this one:

My suggestion is you scan through some of those and then make your own decision.

And hone your search skills.

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