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ColoradoTraveler needs advice about a Boston area Used Car dealer specializing in high end used European and Japanese vehicles. Does anyone know about AutoHouseUSA located in Saugus MA? On line reviews are mixed. Many good reviews, but enough bad ones to make a person who is about to make a “long distance” purchase nervous.

After a 5 week search I find they have a vehicle that meets the specs I have — so my option is to buy from them or keep looking for another month or two.

Anyone know this dealer?

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I’m not trying to be a smart a$$,

You don’t trust the online reviews, but you’re willing to trust a bunch of strangers?

The few (if any) people here that may have dealt with that dealer are going to give the same mixed reviews.

If it’s the car you really want, get it checked out by an independent shop.

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Yeah what could go wrong buying a used car out of state from an unknown dealer in Boston no less. My son bought a BMW out of state in Pennsylvania once. Flew there and picked it up and drove back but it was a new BMW from a BMW dealer so not a whole lot that could go wrong. Really need some one local to look at it and evaluate it as well as check the title and see if the VINs match or if its been welded together from scrap.


Unless you’re buying a rare and valuable classic, like a Jaguar XK55, I think the purchase process you’re considering has way too many possibilities for problems than I’d be willing to risk. You risk spending more on lawyers to extricate your self from legal problems than you spend on the vehicle.

What are you considering buying?

  1. They are fantastic
  2. Avoid them

There take your pick .

TSM, Did you mean XKSS ?

Imported car. Legal, clean title road. worthy, emissions compliant. Undisclosed damage? Rust? Mechanical issues? Race history? Crashes? What could go wrong.

I looked at the inventory. Unless you are moving to the Boston area, I see no vehicles that I would go all that distance for. I imagine that you could find any of those vehicles in the Denver area, or maybe Dallas and certainly Chicago.

I’ve seen it referred to as both, but the general consensus and the images I’ve seen that actually have the designation in them (on the car) call it an XK55. Either way, it is IMHO one of the most beautiful roadsters ever to touch pavement. It actually was created from leftover D-Type Jaguar race cars when they decided at that time to discontinue their racing program. They took the fin off and made the leftover bodies into roadsters. The decision didn’t last forever, but it did leave us with a beauteous thing to behold.