No Low Beams

When I turn on my lights, my high beam indicator is always on but I have no low beam lights. If I switch to high beams, they come on, no problem. I tried putting in a new Hi/Lo Relay in the fuse box but no change. What should I try next?

Fuses? Bulbs? Wiring?

The multifunction/dimmer switch controls the voltage going to the low beams & to the high beams & high beam inicator.

You need to test the dimmer switch.

From the factory wiring diagrams for my 97 Explorer heres is how the test is done.

Connect self powered test lamp or ohmmeter to terminals 196 & 632 of the switch. Circuit is closed only when switch is in high position.

Connect to terminals 15 & 13. Circuit is closed only when switch is in low position.

You can get these same instructions for testing the dimmer switch in your tribute at

The electrical troubleshooting manual is what you want.

For fixing electrical problems in your tribute this is the best 20 bucks you can spend.

I had this problem on my old civic. It turned out to be dirty contacts. It mush have been rounding through the high beams I dunno, but at any rate cleaning the contacts and installing new bulbs fixed the problem. Give it a shot.

Post back to let us know if it worked.

What is the model year of your Mazda Tribute? Do you have electrical test light?

I have a 2003 Tribute (V6 FWD). What is the electrical test light?