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1992 Honda Accord Light Problem

my 92’ honda accord’s low beam headlights don’t work, when I pull the lever to turn on the brights they all four come on, but the lever will not click in place to keep the brights on, so I have no lights at night time unless I hold the lever.

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Are you sure the low beams bulbs are good?

I’m not sure on your car but on many the low beam bulb has 2 filaments, the low beam could be burned out but the high beam filament will still light up when the high beams are activated.

The import cars I’m familiar with all activate the high beams by pushing the lever away from you. Pulling the lever toward you activates the “flash to pass” feature but does not stay locked in place for continual use.

On my car, the high beams are not activated by pushibg backward but foward and right now they won’t even stay on unless I hold them on in place. All my lights work when I am holding them on, so I don’t think the bulbs are burnt out. My main problem is when I turn the lights on (at the end of the turn signal rod) they do not turn on. Thanks, Jay