No lights are coming on 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Hey, my friend installed a remote starter in his 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager. Now, after you put the key in, none of the lights come on, no crank or anything. The battery is new & the car doesn’t have security system or anything. I have no idea where to start?

I would start by having the remote starter removed by your friend. I just hope they didn’t cut and splice any wires during the installation. These problems are very common with aftermarket remote start systems. Do you have the installation instructions? If you do then you can always have someone do a double check of the original installation.

It appears that the ignition power isn’t getting switched on when the key is turned to ON. First, check to see if there are any blown fuses under the hood or the dash panel. If all the fuses are okay then check the ignition power circuit of the remote control and make sure it is working okay. Use a test light probe to verify power is getting to where it is supposed to go to. There might be a relay used in the switched circuit to bypass the ignition switch. Make sure that circuit is working correctly using the test probe. This should be a pretty simple problem to fix.