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1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My AC and heat both work but don’t blow. I know I have air flow because when I’m driving they work (and faster = better). Is this likely a blower motor or a belt or something else? Basically I’m wanting to know if this is an expensive repair or if it’s an easy fix. I don’t plan on having the car much longer but after two frosty mornings not having defrost is a bit of a problem. Suggestions.

It’s almost certainly your blower motor. The fact that you have heat when the car is in motion means your air ducts are not obstructed.

The motor drives the fan directly, and it can be either a defective motor, blown fuse, the wring, or the switch. Any good mechanic can find the problem easily.

one quick test to check for bad blower motor. find the motor under the dash on the passenger side. turn it on high. not blowing? good. now take a screwdriver and tap on the motor with the handle. if the motor starts running you found your problem. if not you wanna find a reputable mechanic to diagnose and repair your problem otherwise youll be throwing parts at it which is never a good option.