No heat for old man , mice make winters nest in heater duct

The heat / forced air does not come out the air ducts in my 89 volvo tubo wagon. It happened over night In the winter mice have built nests in the glove compartment , i recently got rid of a nest and the next day i saw a mouse in the engine compartment . last spring after not using the air for a few weeks sunflower seeds came shooting out of the drivers side vent,so i know they can get in there . In the past heat would trikle out of the vents even when the blower wasnt on .Not only do i not get air but I am afraid i will have cooked rodent in my air duct . What if they have babies and i cook the whole family … i live in W Cornwall Ct , the former home of james thurber who called it that damned winter wonderland , and i need my heat and defroster . My machanic was to busy to fix it , he told me to do it , it was easy , ha , i dropped the plastic on the passenger side and took of the 7mm nuts holding what i thought would take the thing apart . i thought i would help to take glove compartment out but after taking out the bottom 2 screws the thing just wiggles . I know this all sounds pretty pathetic , I can almost live without heat but i dont want to cook the mice . please advise,

Assuming you are not getting cold air rather than hot and you are just not getting much air at all, then I would start checking out the air path and look for something full of mice, mouse food or worse or maybe a chewed air duct. If you are getting air but it is cold, then look at the blend doors. I don’t know if they are cable adjusted or vacuum, but it would be a good chance that there is a problem there.

part of the problem is i cant figure out how the duct work opens up , i would rather not have to take of the dash board .