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Mice nesting in my engine

For the second time in 10 weeks, I’ve had my car break down only to find critters have gotten into my engine compartment. I hear of others who have this happen, simply as a nusence, but my car (2005 Volvo S40) seems to attracts them into the timing belt housing and the nests/bodies throw the belt off. How can I prevent this from hapening? I simply can not afford the continued engine repairs!!

A cheap solution is to get a little thing of Tabasco sauce and dab a bit around the engine bay. It should cause the critters to leave

Install a cat under the hood?

Where do you park?

Use live traps baited with peanut butter and relocate at least a mile from your house…eventually you will get them all…better than having them die inside your vent system…

I hadn’t heard of this one before… I’ll try it (once the car comes back from the shop!)

The vent system would be better than the timing belt housing. Both times they have thrown the belt, causing serious engine damage. All suggestions welcome!
I’ve taken the “no prisoners” approach short of blowing up the garage and we’ll see what happens. I threw down mothballs, laid poison blocks, installed sonic repellants, and surrounded the garage with have-a-heart traps baited with peanut butter and bird seed. This weekend, the kids get to clean out the garage from top to bottom! We’ll see what I find soon enough, I suspect chipmunks AND mice!