No Electrical Power

I was reving the engine of my car when it immediately shut off AND then I also had no electrical power. I am wondering what sort of switch or fuse or part I might have broken that can cause a total loss of electrical power. Thank you.

So you’re saying now you have no dash lights, no headlights, no horn, no radio, no brake lights, no tail lights? If that’s the case, you have a loose battary wire, either going to the ground or to the positive terminal on the battary. You should be able to find that by simply wiggling both wires where they connect to the battary and the other ends also.

Yep, I have no electric to anything.

Thanks. Is there nothing else that can cause it? No other part or fuse or coil or anything? I’ll check for the loose wire but figured the reving caused something to break that was more breakable then causing a wire to come loose.

Thank you. I’ll check that.

The first thing to do is clean the battery connections and look for any problems there. Check the battery and make sure it has a good charge on it though it should be ok since you were able to start the car at least. If those things are ok then you should check the fuses in the power panel under the hood. It sounds like the main fuse has blown for some reason. If so you are going to have to track down the trouble. If the main fuse is blown the alternator might be the problem in that case.

After of course making sure the belt is in place.

I am specifically trying to find a “main fuse”. That is my main question. Can anyone direct me to such a fuse or similar part?

The main fuse should be inside the power panel under the hood.