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No codes

my dodge stratus has a check engine light i put it on a computer and it says test pass no codes. the car has been acting weird and when it is cold it is at its worst between 0-40 mph it doesnt want to speed up and when it starts speeding up it jumps really bad and the rpms try dropping it doesnt do this every time i get in it but it does it alot. i was driving home the other night and i slowed down for a sharp curve about 50 feet from my house and the car just died but i put it in park and turned the key and it started back up i dont have alot of money to put into this can anyone that knows about cars try to help me i am a single mother and cant afford to be taken advantage of.

When it stalls, do you lose any lights, or do they dim?
This seems like a fuel supply / control problem. It might be caused by a dirty fuel filter. If you had someone who could do a fuel pressure check, the fuel pressure should be checked with the engine at idle and at higher engine speeds.
It’s not clear what the car, “…doesn’t do every time…”. It doesn’t do ALL of these things, or, it doesn’t do SOME of these things?
If the engine runs poorly ALL the time, spark plugs might be a problem. Also, is the air filter clean?

it doesnt do it every time i get in it i went to the store today and on the way to the store it did it the whole way every time i stopped and sped up it didnt want to speed up and started jumping and the rpms were going from to high to almost 0 then i get out the store and get back in the car and its fine no check engine light and i made it to my kids school and to a couple mechanics without a problem it was speeding up like it should so what i am sayin is when it does do it it does all the things i said happens and other times the car is running fine