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Engine Light on-Accerleration Choking wont go past 2rpm from time to time

What could this be? How much would it cost to fix?
I have a 2005 Dodge Stratus with a 2.7l engine, it is a used car. I have not had the car a year yet. Miles over 85, 000. Had emissions test and inspection of car in March, given a good bill of health. Recently (going into its 3rd week) engine light is lit and the car will “choke” if accelerated past the 2nd rpm, wont go to third and beyond when step on the gas to accelerate. While this happens and I take foot off of the gas pedal, the “choking” stops but cant go back into normal acceleration or “choking” starts back up. If able to turn car on and off, then no more issues for another 24-48 hours or longer. Took to a garage (did not have the time or funds to leave for full diagnostic), diagnostic was quickly checked (showed no issue) and was reset (engine light off, no “choking” or other issues) about a week and a half later- engine light on and car or engine “chokes” and abnormal acceleration. I have added gasoline cleaning fluid and acceleration fluid to gas chamber and that seemed to help. Does need an oil change but added a quarter for the time being.

how about getting the failure code first to narrow down possible causes? Advance Auto Parts or Autozone will do it for free.

The car is going into a limp-home mode, I think. Something, a sensor perhaps, is not working and the engine is trying to protect itself by giving you very reduced power (the choking) just to limp you to the side of the road.

If you can’t find money for a diagnostic, it should be parked until you do have enough… Driving it like this will very likely cause further, more expensive damage.

Concur, sounds like a case of limp mode. The engine computer has discovered a problem it can’t correct for. The diagnostic codes should tell you which system(s) are involved, checking the diagnostic codes, that’s the place to start.