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02 Dodge Stratus chugs when outside temp is in the 40's

I have an 02 dodge stratus coupe with about 133,000 miles on it. Since January, when the outside temp is over 42 degrees, it starts rough, and the check engine light comes on. It then chugs and sputters and has diminished power until the engine temp reaches its normal spot on the gauge. But the check engine light stays on. If it is raining or damp, the problem is worse. It feels like it might stall, but never does.
It doesn’t sound like it is coming from the engine, but rather under the car, maybe the exhaust system. It is not so much a noise, as it feels as though I am driving over a light washboard dirt road. It’s worse in the morning than when I come out from work.
If the temp drops back under about 38 degrees, the problem and the light go away.
I usually get about 28 mpg. In Jan and Feb I averaged 27mpg, but it has now dropped to about 22.
I need to get my radiator flushed, as I do every winter, but don’t know if this is related.

There were 4 different engines available in the Stratus. Some had spark plug wires. If yours has wires, replace them, if it has a distributor cap, replace it. If it has neither, have your coils checked.

If this is a coupe its either the chrysler 2.4 or Mitsu 3.0
And is it a manual or automatic?

It’s the mitsubishi automatic…

Take it to your local auto parts store and most of them will read the code for free. Whatever is causing the code is likely causing the problem. If you have never had them replaced, my guess is plugs and wires.

Thanks everyone! I replaced my wires and plugs and now Mitsy drives like a dream again!