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Dodge Stratus

Problem is my Dodge Stratus suddenly starts to sputter and then stops. After a minute or so, it will start up with no problem. It can then run for up to a month with no problem, then it does it again.

I have had it checked with an analyzer at the local dealer, they say no problems shown, and could not offer any suggestions. Help please.

Did they offer to work on your car for X amount of dollars per hour as long as it takes,or did they send you away saying they don’t even want to try?

As the computer did not show anything they said there was nothing they could do. Guess I am looking for a precomputer age mechanic. Any out there???

Fuel pump going bad? Partially clogged fuel filter? Many times must of the fuel supply system will not throw a code, as most of the older and many newer cars don’t have fuel pressure transmitters that give a signal to the computer. It could be a bad or intermittently bad fuel pump relay. That’s the problem with those intermittent problems, it’s hard to find or fix a problem when it isn’t broke. (which is your car’s situation when you drove it in to the mechanic)

The Dealer must be sure there is no chance to make money on your car,why else would they turn down a Customer pay job?there are mechanics at every dealer that can fix cars that show no codes,they just need your open wallet.

Probably some mechanic just standing around that would just love to be dispacthed a “as long as it takes job”

engine size?

sounds like an intermittant MAP issue. WAG!

Problem with 2000 Dodge Stratus front power windows will not go down when button is pressed and rear doors will not open from inside any ideas appreciated. Thanks

It is possible the window motors had failed. On the rear doors check the child lock in the door jam.

Hoyt, you should start a new post for your problems, not add onto someone else’s post.

Have you checked the child safety locks on your rear doors?