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No clue what's wrong

I have a 93 buick lasabre and when my check engine light comes on I have power and it shifts properly. when it goes off I dont have power and it shifts faster than normal . Any ideas what’s wrong with it? I’ve changed the tps,o2 ,maps, and spark plugs. I’ve run the codes and it always says 21 or 22 but there both tps codes and I’ve changed it

have you retrieved the fault codes yet . . . ?!

This car predates OBD2 by a few years, so I believe you’ll have to look up the procedure online

I believe it involves a paper clip and counting blinks . . .


To retrieve codes from your OBDI GM vehicle, locate the ALDL connector under the dash below the steering wheel.

Insert a jumper wire/paper clip between the A and B terminals.


Turn the ignition switch on, and count the flashes on the Check Engine light.

Here are the code definitions.


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