"no bus"

it runs fine then randomely shuts off all electrical parts stay on i have to pull over or if it
turns off at a red light let it sit for a while because i immediately get the “no bus” code. i
have to let it sit with the car on but not trying to crank until the code goes away then it
cranks again. sometimes i have to repeat that process a few times, sometimes just once.
at times the code only last a couple minutes but sometimes over 10! Any ideas??

WHAT…runs fine then randomly shuts off…?

Can you repeat this in better english, please. I can’t understand this at all.

If you really want help edit your post so that the good mechanics that frequent this forum will know what your problem is.


You forgot to introduce your vehicle.
Please tell the make, model, model-year, and if possible engine option and miles.


The bus is typically the network connection between all the modules in these modern cars. If the network connection goes down, the modules can’t share info. It is probably shutting down to be safe. Knowing the make, model, and year would help.

The trouble with the ‘Bus’ connection is most likely due to either a bad connection to it or a bad power connection.

Ask your shop to clean the battery terminals.

sorry guys new to all this. its a 1998 chrysler sebring jxi. 2.5 V6.

I maybe guessed a Chrysler product. IIRC, the BCM serves as a network hub for the CAN bus. They also had a problem with solder joints breaking on motherboards right at the main connectors around this time frame. That may be the source of your problems.

No Code on the dash means it’s not receiving info from the on board systems. The best way to deal with a no start is to seek fault codes that are also stored digitally in the engine control module. It may be the case that if you turn the ignition key as follow there may appear in the odometer window of the cluster a four-digit number which would be such a code. Turn the key:“on-off-on-off-on and leave on” doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time.