No Bus Code?

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Last year, we (husband & I) started to occasionally see this “No Bus” Code come up in the mileage space (# of miles travelled/on car). The dealership couldn’t tell what it was, as it never happened around them. This year, it’s back again, and 3 out of 4 times, it shows this code, along w/ALL the gauges not working–no speedometer, no oil gauge, no gas gauge, NOTHING. I did a little research online & it was suggested something was wrong w/the wiring &/or the camshaft sensor. What’s going on? The Jeep has 69000 plus miles on it, by the way. How bad are we screwed? We have 7 more months to go & we’ve paid off the car…HEEELLLLLPPPP!!

I know that newer Jeeps have gone to a CAN-bus system for their instruments and electrical. I did not think they switched as early as 2000, but maybe. Anyway, the instrument cluster has a “bus” that connects it to the engine control computer and transmission control computer and possibly a body control computer. If the instrument cluster doesn’t see any signal on that buss, it will give you the “No Bus” error condition. This could be as simple as a loose connector such that the signal is intermittent, or it could be a bad instrument cluster or one of those other computers. You should probably go back to the dealer or a Jeep specialist shop. I doubt very much it would be the camshaft sensor affecting all of the instruments.

Good luck.