1998 Cadillac deville A/C Blower

A/C Blower does not turn on. Checked fuses both 10 and 50 amps and they are good. New blower motor is available. Is there anything else I should look at before buying and installing a new blower?

Check for 12V at the motor. There may be a problem with the wiring.

Then run a jumper directly from a 12V source to the blower motor to find out whether or not it runs. You don’t want to buy a motor if yours still works.

Check the blower resistor, too, and if there’s a relay in the circuit check that.

12V is at the motor connector. Don’t know where the blower resistor or the relayis located physically. Don’t have schematics available.

The resistor should be in the ductwork very near the blower motor. Don’t know about the relay. Is there a fuse/relay panel under the hood? Maybe the cover has a diagram or a list on it. Look on the underside of the cover if it’s not on the outside.

Does the owner’s manual have any information on the location of fuses and relays?

If you have 12V at the motor connector (and ground too, I assume), why are you looking at the resistor pack or relay?

If you have 12V and ground at the motor connector and the blower isn’t running, then your blower motor is bad.

My 1981 Cad had a similar failure. It had a solid state relay which was controlled by the dash controls and in turn controlled power to the blower. It was this SSR that failed. For the 81 I had the shop manuals but I don’t have them for this 98. I was looking for anyone who may have worked on this before.