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Grand Caravan - Heater Fan Off & Hi-speed only

You guessed it, it quits when you need it the most: The speed control for the front heater fan on my 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan quit working properly. I have two speeds, off or full blast. The control for the rear fan seems to be working fine. I assume I need to replace the whole climate control module, or is there an easier fix? Your input is appreciated.

The blower resistor block has failed. Find and replace it.

it costs about $30. BUT finding and removing the old and reinstalling the new is the trouble. a shop should be able to get it done for about $120. 1.5 hr labor and 30 for the resistor.

Actually the resistor block can be easily accessed thru the glove box. Alldata lists the resistor block for $11.95 and .6 hr labor.

I assume your speed control for the blower is similar to mine and I have an '02 T&C van. If the speed control is variable and not a few fixed speeds then you have something different than resistors for the speed control. It is a solid state module, in series with the motor and the power source, and when they fail they often short the input and output leads. This applies full voltage to the blower rather than the controlled voltage the controller is trying to set with the speed control module. If this is the case, you will need to replace the speed control module, not the controller (you don’t want to go there,$$$$). You can locate the module by following the wires tied to the blower. They will be tied to the module which should be cooled by the air system so it will be attached to the air ducting. The cost for one of these modules may be between 80 to 130 dollars as a guess.

I will only add that sometimes resistors blow out because the fan motor is going out.  My suggestion is to replace the resistor pack, but if it does it again in the next couple of years, replace the fan motor.

On my '01 T&C the resistor ia behind glove box and easy to replace. I have read at of the poor design of these. I replace 1 a year because the “thermal fuse??” burns out and defaults to high. This is to keep a fire from starting, but using the heat on a low setting seems to fry them easily. In theory it was a good idea if only the heat output was a lower temp or the part burned out at higher temp…

Great advice! I spent $17 at Dodge and about 3 minutes later, all speeds work on the fan. Thanks! The parts guy at the dealership said that the resistor block had been redesigned to more robust and should last longer than the old one. If that the case I should never have to replace it again since I’m at 6.5 years and 170K. Thanks again.

NO,NO. All you need is the fan motor resistor, costs about $15. I am still trying to find one on a friend’s '03 Dakota.